Quote Collection of the Week #5

Posted: November 20, 2010 by jellymann in funny, quotes

I’ve decided to move Quote Collection day to Saturday. It makes more sense.

“Your wife is not necessarily the enemy.” – Riaan Niemand

“This hazelnut drink I ordered tastes far too much like hazelnut.” – Angela Smith

“Thouest in the heavenest.” – Riaan Niemand

“It’ll implode with a small explosion.” – Aubrey Hlongwane

“We will be having morning devisions…” – translator in Hammanskraal

“Hallelujah?” – translator in Hammanskraal

“Frontline news.” – Riaan Niemand

Daniel Smith: “If my liver was a shack, you’d be home.”
Joshua Ball: “You talking to the alcohol there?”

“If peanut butter had a twitter account I’d follow it.” – Sean Finaughty

“I suffice.” – Daniel Smith

“Don’t bite me, I have rabies.” – Sean Finaughty

“There are stuff that happens to people.” – Riaan Niemand

“When people say you are wrongness.” – Riaan Niemand

“Wow, that’s a pretty churchy church.” – Jean Labuschagne

“The power of the wicket is broken.” – Riaan Niemand

“I knew you ’til you were born.” – Piet-Hein van Eeghen

“Why do you have to sleep with someone you see all day?” – Nicholas Leask

“My whole pelvic bone shifted gears.” – Nicholas Leask

“My butt cheek stretched to the biggest limit.” – Nicholas Leask

“Ooh look at him, he’s so flexible.” – Marcel Labuschagne

“How’s this… Since I’ve started running, I’ve gotten fatter!” – Aubrey Hlongwane

“Can I lick your knees while you do that?” – Nicholas Leask

“Are you finished with the exercise? Ok do it again.” – Keanan (Robyn’s nephew)

“That girl has got pretty lips, pity about the rest of her though.” – Riaan Niemand (watching maybeline advert)

“Hey it’s shin-kicking! They’re kicking shins!” – Justin Strehler

“I’ll kill you alive!” – Nicholas Leask

“There’s not a pastor with nothing.” – Nicholas Leask

“It smells like balloon in here… I HATE IT!!” – Aubrey Hlongwane

“How to tame a lion: cut off its head and stick it back on again.” Daniel Smith

“I was raised by English-speaking wolves.” – Ryan Norton

“I’ve seen some noodles floating around the church.” – Robyn Ball

“This place turns you into a monster, like survival of the fittest… hey what’s this knife doing here?” – Thembani Ketse

“It’s the thought that the same.” – Nicholas Leask

“Children under eleven years and other unused household appliances.” – Tuks FM

“Nick your hair looks so fluffy, like a manicured wookie.” – Joshua Ball

“I’ve always been a dry guy.” – Marcel Labuschagne

“I like your MirindaAAAAAAH!!!” – Jacques Schewitz

“Most light-haired-coloured people have orange beards. It makes sense.” – Marcel Labuschagne

“Don’t dice him, loveman!” – Melissa Donaldson

And my favourite:
“I don’t like background music, I like foreground music. It’s like foreplay, but ground music.” – Nicholas Leask

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  1. Josh says:

    Love it, Dan !! Enjoyed reading this again so very much hahaha. One correction: ”I’ve always been a dry kinda guy.” – Marcel Labuschagne (we were talking about types of alcoholic drinks)

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