Quote Collection of the Week #3 and #4 Bumper Edition

Posted: November 13, 2010 by jellymann in funny, quotes

Hey guys

Sorry for the delay. This should have been done yesterday… no wait it should have been done last Friday as well! Oh well, better late than never. This last week didn’t “generate” any good quotes to mention, but the week before that contained a massive amount. Feel free to lol

“I needed someone to blame, and you were the ugliest person around.” – Riaan Niemand

“Hey, guys! I need some juice please. I think my voice is breaking.” – Marcel Labuschagne

“People surprise people.” – Nicholas Leask

“I can’t even function on a thinkable level.” – Robyn Ball

“You said she came with a spiritual fire?” – Marcel Labuschagne

“No ways, I’m not gonna eat your frikken turds!” – Thembani Ketse

“Frikken turds sounds like multiple servings.” – Aubrey Hlongwane

“It’s bound by glue on a piece of ‘nother paper.” – Nicholas Leask (explaining how books are made)

“Are your legs very white, Marcel? Oh, they are.” – David Roebuck

“Dude, have you heard how the English speak English?” – Nicholas Leask

“I’ve bred with moths before.” – Fransie O’Brien

“So Patrick is actually a moth?” – Nicholas Leask

“I just thought of the most interesting statistic in my brain.” – Kurt Schröder

“Ahw man, my brain.” – Brian “Brain” Louw

“Hey, Brian Louw, when you lived in Pinetown, was your name Brian Snow?” – Nicholas Leask

“Nick is really thirsty, GIVE HIM JUICE.” – Nicholas Leask

“Gee vir my julle koppe wanneer julle klaar met hulle is.” – Sean Finaughty

“Did you stick dead ferret hair to your chin?” – Matthew Church

“Dude, Weetbix punches your colon into submission.” – Matthew Church

“Guys, it’s Robyn’s ball’s birthday on the 11th.” – Aubrey Hlongwane

“I had like a fat-ass air bubble stuck in my throat with a lot of juice behind it!” – Thembani Ketse

“Now they’re going to go to people and say ‘I did a plumbing course, now I’m a plumber. I can plumb.'” – Nicholas Leask

“But he got punched really hard hey, the guy concusted him.” – Thembani Ketse

“Dude, did you show someone your mopani worm?” – Nicholas Leask

“The dog went to the shop… Its a superhero dog, okay.” – Nicholas Leask

“Aaah! I hate frikken spiritual gifts!” – Joshua Ball

“Josh started this whole quote thing… I’m gonna punch him in the nose.” – Nicholas Leask

“Obviously I only speak stupid when I’m excited… seriously.” – Nicholas Leask

“Ah c’mon guys, I was just ripping your legs out.” – Nicholas Leask

“Nick is so priceless.” – Joshua Ball

And my favourite:

“Dude, seriously, people were getting shot through the head, and their spinal cages were getting ripped out.” – Nicholas Leask

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